Corporate Events

Your product launch, your public relations reception, a movie premier, a music event, or simply international hospitality. Let Imaginez equip you with a dynamic venue, a professional catering team and exclusive service. Our head office is on the French Riviera and are able to travel to your chosen destination worldwide.


Our nationally certified laboratory and kitchens will create and produce any menu, any size to any location. Cocktail canapes for a standing more casual reception, a central buffet for perhaps a larger group, a private dining experience or a themed menu. Our chefs and staff will provide the best quality, all within your budgeting needs, personally co-ordinated throughout.


The French Riviera is the home of the most amazing venues in the world. A chateau, a boat, a private villa, the beach or under a simple tent – here we have the accessability and infrastructure, the climate, the market and the venues.


Need a corporate signature on your marquee? Corporate logos on your chairs, tables and napkins? Do you need a large banner advertising your company brand? Our design team will work with you, your image and goals, to decorate your event and target your chosen market or create a seductive ambience for your invited guests.


Entertain your team, your guests or brand representatives with an event they will remember! Entertainment is crucial to the success of the event….choose a signature theme or select a beginning, a middle and an end for your entertainment!! …..perhaps start off ‘lounge style’ then step-it-up to a live band and maybe finish with a nightclub and a headlining DJ??….its your call !

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